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John Birmingham has been a filmmaker since using his parent's' home video camera to film home videos in costume or lip synching to his favorite music as early as 1987. He learned guitar at age 3 from his grandfather Carl Martinez, a Sicilian born American who came to America with his brothers, sisters and parents, who was on stages in Vaudeville in the early 1900s and had a huge 30 piece touring jazz band in the 1930s called The Carl Martinez El Dorado Orchestra. John learned art from about the same age, 3 or 4, taught by his grandmother Marjorie Martinez who graduated Pratt art school in the 1930s and was an art teacher in New York City. After attending many different colleges and universities and not knowing what he had wanted to do, when John was about 19, he tried a Summer of Art program at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, where he used his creative writing, art, music and video production to produce videos. That was in 1997, at 19 years old, and he finally realized what he wanted to do for a career, something to use his creative writing, art, video production, playing music, acting, comedy and other abilities to write, direct and produce his own films. When the class was done, John moved to Los Angeles later that year. He met his wife in Los Angeles a couple of years later where John was a Screenwriting and Communications major at Loyola Marymount University, a Jesuit University. John is an auteur with his films, as he writes/directs, produces and edits his films, has all creative say so far as an independent filmmaker who finds the funding himself. Yet he may work on other productions as an actor or writer and director in the future. Only God knows what is in the future for John and also his other family and friends. As a musician, unlike most filmmakers, John also writes/composes and performs the music for his own musical feature length films and music videos. He has done 3 feature films as an auteur, Crazy Animal ("One Nation Under God"), The Vampires of Zanzibar and Rednecks. He has also filmed more than 40 original music videos for his songs. He has worked hard to either star in or direct films with Ed Asner, Pauly Shore, Fugazi, Academy Award nominated director Peter Medak, Sylvia Browne, Brandon DiCamillo, Chris Raab "Himself", Ron Jeremy, Lloyd Kaufman, Brinke Stevens, Army Navy (the band), Banane Metalik, composer Kurt Oldman, Miss Norway Lene Pedersen, B movie director Johnny Johnson (Producer with John on Plan 9), CEO of Bolex Joe Rubenstein (cinematographer of two of John's films), Eerie Von and maybe 100 other friends or co-workers who are professionals in the entertainment industry. John's Youtube videos on Danica DeCosto's Youtube channel and his own channel have about 100 million views, including more than 11 million views on his own channel. John was creator of (with Danica) and plays the lead as Ronald McDonald in the most popular Ronald McDonald video on the internet from fall of 2016 to fall or 2020, titled "Rowan is Terrified of Ronald McDonald" and is up to about 63 million views as of summer of 2021. This is John's biggest internet video,

"Rowan is Terrified of Ronald McDonald"

and also lead actors in the video are his sons Rowan and Ivan. Rowan Birmingham and Ivan Birmingham are Youtube celebrities on Youtube acting in their mother Danica's Youtube videos that currently have about half a billion views online and about 700,000 subscribers as of summer 2021 (Youtube search "Danica," "Danica DeCosto" or John's son "Rowan" and click on the top search results to see her page, where you can also find John's Ronald McDonald video and other videos with me (John) on their page). John Birmingham's Youtube channel is.

"Johneeeee" Youtube username (John with 5 "e"s), or "John Birmingham" on Youtube

When John's children were born he realized that other people are way more important than his goals as a filmmaker. He loved his son Rowan an immeasurable amount by the time he was born and continues to love his children and their mother more than he loves himself. God and Jesus get our love first, though. Then your wife or husband if you are married, then your children and parents and other loved ones, neighbors, then others. That is reality as we know it, Christianity as shown to us in The New Testament by God's real only begotten Son, Jesus! All of the answers to everything you would like to know on earth are in The New Testament and The Bible. I have videos on my channel that make it easy to understand what The Bible really says.

Check out this link to really read and understand The Bible now for free, a video I filmed to show you from the beginning of The New Testament what The Bible really says!

Really reading and understanding The Bible, starting from the beginning of The New Testament!

There are more videos to watch after this one, reading through and understanding The Bible starting with this first book of The New Testament, Matthew, where I really read it to you and show you what it really means!

In fact, after kind of being lead somewhat astray from the love of God and Jesus, I found God more than ever shortly after the birth of my son Rowan, when Rowan was only a few months old. Thank God I believed in God way more again, and also Jesus, in time to raise both of my sons Rowan and Ivan. I had not been reading The Bible though so did not really understand The Bible or what it said and for a few months or a year I kind of was lead astray from God again. I did find God and Jesus more than ever again in about the beginning of the year 2020, and I will never ever be lead astray or in the dark as to God's truth again. I was also there for Rowan and Ivan's baby sister, as early as before she was born, telling Ayla how much he loved her putting his hand on her mother Danica's tummy and talking to her to let her know she was loved in the world she was going to be born into. I taught both of my sons Rowan and Ivan art, and also taught them how to be good teachers, a gift that I inherited or learned from my parents and my parents got from their parents. We were good at teaching in our family. When John was unable to be there as much for baby Ayla, Ivan taught her art. She did her first painting at age 2! Rowan also helped teach Ivan art when I was not there to teach Ivan, and I taught Ivan art as well. There are videos of my son Ivan's art and Rowan's art and videos of Ayla and somewhere Ayla's art too on Youtube. See the above links from our Youtube channels for more. John also taught Rowan and Ivan how to read and write really well. Having children made John realize that others are more important than one's own selfish plan. Often times God has a different plan than we may think is right for us. God knows what's best for us. In about the beginning of 2020, the most important thing that ever happened along with his children being born and being close to other loved ones and already doing God's work relying on faith before then... in about 2020, John found God and Jesus more than at any other time. He had been raised on God and Jesus, raised by his parents to be a Catholic, and it only got better when in 2020 he really started reading and understanding aa lot more about God and Jesus than ever before as a grown man who was able to teach himself more by reading and understanding The Bible. Really reading and understanding The Bible, starting from the beginning of The New Testament!

Here is the first in many videos John filmed that make reading and understanding what Jesus showed us, God's truth in The New Testament. I filmed this to make it easier for people to understand and know what The Bible really says. Again, here is hte link, way important to really read, understand, have faith in and know what The Bible says. It is reality as we know it, God's truth, THE truth about everything. So I am including hte link to the first video, which does not have a ton of views, not doing it for the views, but to help others find God and Jesus... here is the link to the first video that reads through and explains The Bible, starting from the beginning of The New Testament, the third time I have posted this link... really important! And tons more God and Jesus videos on my channel, but this one is really good! Really reading and understanding The Bible, starting from the beginning of The New Testament!

It was a little difficult for me at first understanding what The Bible really said, so I wanted to make it easier for my children and others to see God's truth, what everything is really about, reality as we know it. Its right there for us to know and understand in The Bible. Jesus was sent to earth to suffer and die for our sins and to show us really how to be on earth.





John Birmingham

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Www.Wikipedia.com (John on here)




John Birmingham's Resume/Curriculum Vitae 2010

Birmeee at gmail dot com


Chapman University: M.F.A. in Film Production
(graduated Fall 2005)
I received a merit-based scholarship to attend and graduated with honors.

Loyola Marymount University: B.A. in Screenwriting
(July 2000). Major GPA: 3.65 GPA: 3.15

And various music, art and film production classes
(Virginia Tech, Radford University, LACC, Roanoke College, Otis College of Art and Design, Virginia Western C.C., Kingsboro C.C., etc.)

Field Experience:

Jan. 2011- Present: Plan 9 From Outerspace (remake of the 1959 classic by Ed Wood), feature film. John Birmingham is a Producer on the film as well as has an acting role. Johnny Johnson is the Writer/Director. Darkstone Entertainment is producing with him. Film shoots March 25-April 25 2011. This is a SAG and non-union actors together feature film.

Dec. 2010- Present: The Redneck Brothers, feature film. Starring John Birmingham, Royce Hobson and Cory Greer. Written/Directed/Produced by John Birmingham. Co-producers: Cory Greer, Royce Hobson

Dec. 2006-Dec. 2010: The Vampires of Zanzibar, feature film. Writer/Director/Actor/Producer/Editor/Composer/all post production. The movie has completed post production and is just beginning to be sent to film festivals, planning a sale in Park City 2010.
*actors in the movie include Brandon Dicamillo and Chris Raab of Jackass/Viva La Bam as well as cameo from Eerie Von from Danzig/Samhain.

Jan. 2004-Feb. 2006:
Writer/Director/Actor/Producer/Editor/Composer/all post production: Crazy Animal.
35mm/24P feature length movie, released through Troma Entertainment March 31, 2009.
*actors in the movie include star of VH1's The Surreal Life Ron Jeremy, Brinke Stevens, Lloyd Kaufman and former Miss Norway Lene Pedersen.
Reference: Joe Rubinstein, Director of Photography

Aug 2002-Spring 2004:
various roles on dozens of film projects.
References available upon request.

Jan-May 2002:
Director/DP/Writer/Producer/Editor: DV short film: Rebel Fish.
*Actor/Comedian Pauly Shore is the DVD Host.
*released in video stores nationwide, in about 2 video stores per state. Available on the Had To Be Made, Summer 2003, Volume 7 DVD. Reference: Mike Kyle, former CEO of Had To Be Made Films.

Principal Actor, "DRUMMER" in a PSA for the National Endowment For The Arts, "The Potential."
*Voice over by Ed Asner. *award winning PSA.
Reference: Justin Jagoda, Director (310) --- ----

Jan 2002:
Wrote/Animated/Voice Over for a short flash animation: Willis
*was broadcast online, staying on the Slamdance Film Festival's homepage for the month of August, 2003.

Sept-Dec 2001:
Camera Operator/Editor/Visual Effects: 2 commercials for The Steadispoon.
*aired regionally across East Coast.
Reference: Justin Jagoda, Producer (310) --- ----

June 2001:
Production Design for Ovenbird Films:
35mm indie feature: Lava Lounge.
Reference: Joy Czerwonky, Producer

Feb-April 2001:
Producer/Editor for Danica Pictures
Sup. 16mm short: Tir Nan Og.
*won Best Short Film at the Young Artist Awards 2002. Tir Nan Og won awards alongside Rupert Grint of Harry Potter and Frankie Muniz. In attendance was Transformers star Shia Labeouf as well as other child stars.
Reference: Danica DeCosto, Director (714) --- ----

Sept-Oct 2000:
Production Design for Full Moon Pictures
Feature: Stitches.
Reference: J.R. Bookwalter, Producer
*can be found in many Hollywood Video locations.

Aug-Sept 2000:
Production Design for Full Moon Pictures:
Feature: Horrorvision.
Reference: J.R. Bookwalter, Producer
*was found in all Hollywood Video stores. John Birmingham can be seen on the DVD extra features.

April-July 2000:
35mm art short: Imagination.
*won Best Student Film at Tiburon International Film Fest.2002
Reference: Danica DeCosto, Director (714) --- ----

Jan.-March 1998:
Set Decorator on Nobody Knows Anything, 2003, large budget
independent movie with Mike Meyers, Ben Stiller, Jeanine Garofalo, Margaret Cho and more.

Special Skills:

-Expert at Final Cut Pro Studio, been using Final Cut Pro on home system since early 2000, doing all sound design, titles, color correcting and basic CGI on my own and others' films.
-Familiar with/own many popular programs on both PCs and
MACs (Final Draft, Final Cut Pro Studio, Adobe CS bundle, Photoshop, Avid Media Composer, etc.)
-Experienced digital Director of Photography/Camera operator.
-Trained and experienced actor.
-Registered substitute teacher in California area.
-Type 120 wpm when so inclined.
-Web designer (see 3 websites below)
-Graphic Artist and canvas painter, great with Photoshop, been using Photoshop since early 2000.

Teaching Experience:

1 "Intro. To Filmmaking" class at The Brambleton Center in Roanoke, VA.
Reference: Myra Sellers, General Manager (540) 772 ----.
2 Assisted my wife Danica DeCosto in teaching at some of the finest child acting schools in the Los Angeles area. Reference: Danica DeCosto (714) --- ----.
3 Have talked to large groups and audiences and talked on panels at various film festivals and film screenings.
4 Have taught interns hands on when working as a Production Designer and when Producing my own films.
5 Currently teaching Final Cut Pro video editing lessons.

6 Currently teaching at The 4 Day Film School.



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